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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our goal is to provide a helping hand to those most in need of assistance in our community. We look to work closely with nonprofit organizations and schools assisting wherever we can. We mainly focus our efforts and support on struggling families ensuring that no one goes hungry.

Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

For this entire year 2023 Rock Solid Restaurant Group (A Subway Franchise) we will be donating 100 loaf of bread each month to the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

Facts about child hunger in America

WE CARE! We have been giving back for many years supporting many organizations like Chef Andres World Central Kitchen in Washington, DC.

Teachers – The Backbone In Our Communites

Teachers give children s elf-worth, ins pire curios ity, encourage creativity, teach teamwork, train the next generation of leaders and innovators , implement dis cipline and res pons ibility in s tudents , promote s elf-esteem and confidence in s tudents , reduce the ris k of failure, and make a difference in s tudents ’ lives . In the places where we operate our local teachers enjoy 15% dis counts in all our stores.